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"Fostering Our Children's Unlimited Success" 

Expert private tutoring services for Pre-K through 6th grade in Hampton Roads, Virginia

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Support their Progress

Bolster their Confidence

      Encourage their Independence

You’re here to advocate for your child because that’s who you are. 

You’re their biggest champion. You’re in their corner and want to see them succeed in developing life skills and academic skills.

You know their potential and sense they need something more than what they’re getting right now. They need more academic support.

You’ve been digging deep into the rabbit hole of research but haven’t figured out how to help them on your own – “it takes a village,” after all.

You’re aware that a solid foundation in reading, writing, and arithmetic in the early years builds a strong basis for future success. 

So you’re going to do whatever it takes to get your child the help they need, to draw out the success that’s already inside their sweet little body and brain.

You’re not alone in this. 

And I’m glad you’re here. Because FOCUS and Beyond exists to nurture and empower your early learner’s academic success. 

I’m dedicated to guiding you through what can feel like a maze – your child’s academic path. Your student’s learning success doesn’t need to be confusing or overwhelming

Let me empower both you and your child to fully engage – and dare I say – enjoy their learning process.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin

I help support you by providing one-to-one tutoring services for your elementary aged child. 

 I partner with your student to:

Enhance their academic progress

Boost their overall confidence

Become independent learners

A Full Educational Experience

Hi there! I’m Deleyah, your tutor.

Or Ms. D, as my former classroom students affectionately called me.

I’m an enthusiastic educator, tutor, and founder of the FOCUS and Beyond Tutoring Services experience.

I’m a certified teacher in Virginia with over 10 years of experience in the classroom and online. I’ve taught in Norfolk and Virginia Beach Schools.

I graduated from the University of Richmond with a Bachelors in History and a minor in Elementary Education. 

For grades Pre-K through 6th grade, I’m licensed to teach:

I’m dedicated to my students and their support persons.  

My students describe me as happy, excited, loving, caring, and engaging. 

While serving in the public school system, I had the privilege of teaching:

In February of 2022, I resigned from the public school system and began to tutor full time.

I had been tutoring students in foster care with Tidewater Friends of Foster. In fact, I created the original FOCUS program to bridge the reading gap for students in foster care.  

After much success, I decided to extend my reading services to all students and added math instruction.

Seeing the positive results of my one-to-one private tutoring inspired me to take the full plunge into tutoring full time. And that’s when I left the public school system and FOCUS Tutoring Services was born.

I truly believe that your student can and will succeed. My personal and professional experiences help my students become the best they can be. 

And that is success — when your student takes their very own learning journey to its highest heights.

I created my private tutoring service to partner with you in building a strong academic foundation for your elementary-aged learner.

Now, I pour all my expertise and passion into my Pre-K through 6th grade private tutoring students.

I provide your child with private in-home and online tutoring services in the Hampton Roads area.

My in-home or online private tutor services are a perfect fit for your child if you’re local to:

If that’s you, let’s get your little one’s tutoring journey started! 

Also, if you’re not local to Hampton Roads, no worries at all. I provide private online tutoring. 

Book an online tutoring session with me today.                                               

I’m committed to your child’s learning success. 



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I’m fully invested in providing you with quality tutoring services.

What you get in the FOCUS and Beyond tutoring experience:

You get access to in-person tutoring. Or you enjoy the convenience of virtual tutoring through:

You also get access to my signature offer. 

My tutoring word study program. It’s proven to enhance reading and spelling skills.

The program uses individual data from testing to close gaps in phonics.